Kamara offers practical, implementable and fit-for-purpose solutions grounded in strong operational in-field experience in high risk territories for the advancement of social good.

Kamara, meaning “safe house” in ancient Greek, was borne out of the need to make specialised human rights protocol in risk management, investigations and strategies accessible to more organisations who endeavour to achieve positive social change.

Our integrity as a social enterprise is governed by our Ethical Framework and steered by our vision of a world where human rights and the environment are respected.

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Oren Yakobovich, CEO


Kimberley Hikaka, General Manager - UK

Our most significant contribution in life is the impact we create. Being at the forefront of change, especially where social mission is the driving force, creates specific risks and challenges for various actors: from local communities, grassroots organisations, NGOs and donors through to pioneering socially conscious companies or individuals and impact investors.

During my 20 years of experience as a social entrepreneur in high stakes contexts, the importance of harnessing knowledge and building resilience as ingredients of success in achieving change became evident. I created Kamara to help social changemakers enhance their impact in an effective way by leveraging our expertise in holistic risk management, intelligent operational strategies and investigations.

Prior to Kamara, in 2008 I co-founded Videre Est Credere, an NGO with ground-breaking investigative and strategic methodologies used to expose human rights abuses and precipitate change in high risk territories.

Oren is an Ashoka Fellow, recipient of a Skoll Award and One Media Award, and is Ted Global speaker.

Our capacity to achieve change when we work together constructively can be profound.  How we collaborate - whether it be within teams, between organisations, locally at grassroots or internationally – is essential to success.  Fostering positive interconnection is key to recalibrating imbalance, improving equality and our collective sustainability.  Throughout my career, my roles in operations have centred around teams of specialists working together under time and resource constraint to deliver challenging but rewarding projects. 


During my years in the humanitarian sector, I worked mostly with Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders) in complex security environments such as Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Libya and Papua New Guinea, in addition to other territories.  As a project coordinator and logistician, I was responsible for security management and implementation in the field.  Prior to humanitarian, I worked ten years in production for film and television drama, mostly with Carnival Films in London.

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Ben Leather, Risk & Investigations Manager

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Sam Chenkin, Digital Security

Manager - UK

I’m convinced that lasting human rights and environmental protection is possible if affected communities and human rights defenders are empowered and protected; consulted and heard.

In over 12 years designing and implementing protection, advocacy, and investigations strategies, I’ve seen what is possible when we work in networks and learn from one another. Through my work at Global Witness, I understood the importance of activists and authorities alike having the evidence, the tools, the knowledge and the motivation through which to make positive change.

I’ve worked alongside grassroots groups to lobby governments and advise corporations on how to improve policies and practice. From on-the-ground solidarity in Mexico with Peace Brigades International, to engaging UN mechanisms at the International Service for Human Rights, my career reflects my belief in working across sectors and spheres – breaking down boundaries, to build something better.

Change happens through relationships and skill sharing. Just as no one is free unless we are all free, no one person can effect change. My work is to learn as much as I contribute, building the networks we’ll need for liberation.


As an organiser and activist I understand how movements work, the value of trust, and the importance of materially supporting each other. As an NGO technologist I understand the challenges of inadequate time, funds, and technical skills to navigate the increasingly complicated digital realm. Combined, I take an anti-racist, anti-colonial, feminist approach to helping NGOs and activists stay safe as we do the work that matters.