We design robust and comprehensive risk management strategies for social impact driven actors.  We take a holistic view of risk mitigation, analysing the overall operational context, external threats and internal vulnerabilities.   We create and embed practical, tailored and structural risk mitigation tools covering diverse aspects such as organisational, physical, digital and reputational best practices.  We believe that the management of security risk is not a one-off activity but an ongoing commitment that requires effort, focus and awareness over time.





Utilising our wealth of experience in precipitating social change, we provide strategic guidance founded on intelligent and context-based research, in-depth analysis and actor mapping.   Improved insights into the ecosystem within which an organisation operates creates opportunities to better protect organisations, associated donors and investors and their missions. We leverage knowledge and strategic action to recalibrate an organisation’s operational positioning, strengthen its networks or counter-act external endeavours aimed at undermining the credibility, reputation and sustainability of the organisation.